Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alicia Lauren Peterson

My little sister is all growed up!!!! I can't believe she is graduating high school! Now i can have a friend come to class with me in the fall! We seriously thought we were going to get yelled at for exploring in places we shouldn't to take these pictures. We had way too much fun exploring Provo and Springville for different places to capture.

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.

After a year out of high school it is that time when all our guy friends are heading out on missions! It's so crazy! So Elder Shawcroft left on May 7th 2008 to Brazil Maceio mission. Elder Robison left on May 14th 2008 to Taipei Taiwan. Todd and Robbie leave in July to Flordia and England! Time for the girls to party! Ok not quite just have a little fun for the next two years!

Jayden Jennifer Griffiths

This is my cousin Jayden Griffiths. We had so much fun taking these pictures! I never thought that train tracks and an old man's junk yard could be so much fun!

Getting the hang of things

I never thought that I wouldn't understand how something like this works but this is new for me. I guess it is a sign of me getting old. I would have more than my mother mad at me for saying I'm getting old. I am turning twenty in November. It is SO weird! Well I'm catching up with everything and hopefully I'll have the hang of all of this in a couple weeks. Have a fantabulous day!