Sunday, September 20, 2009

Preview for Marley

The New Me!

So the most votes were for number 3 (the VERY long hair style) or number 9 (the VERY short hair style) I was ready to just get a trim and be happy with my hair the way it was. But, I love change that I can control or that I am expecting so sure enough I chopped it all off! I had people tell me I'd love it or I'd hate it! The day before my appointment, I decided that I wanted to be brave and daring and do something that was a challenge for me! So sure enough... Here is the final product!

So many things are so different with short hair. I still do things that I did with longer hair out of habit!

-I put a hair-tie on my wrist, wont be needing those anymore!
-I tried to hold my hair out of the way at the drinking fountain, there was nothing to hold!
-I drove with the windows down in my car, and I could see!
-I get to use a pea size amount of shampoo and conditioner instead of a whole handful ;)
-I tried to ring my hair out before getting out of the shower, I had again had nothing to ring out.
-I turned on my straightener out of habit, didn't use it ;)
-Flipped my head back to get my hair out of my face, I nearly threw my neck out! ;)
-Didn't have to sleep with my hair tied up on the top of my head!
- I woke up with MAJOR bed-head!

Oh the joys of having short hair! I am so excited for bows, flowers, headbands, and scarves! I don't regret cutting it for one second! I LOVE it!

3,5,12 were the most popular but,
I had a total of about 13 votes for number 9! I will gather them all up and do the drawing! I will contact you if you win! It's been fun! Thank you all for your input! Love you lots!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Natalie and Parker. Married.

I LOVE Zion National Park! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot in one of the most beautiful places in the world! I loved every second of it! I was soaking in every second of perfect light! Thank you for letting me shoot your wedding Nat! I had a blast! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Laysha and Josh

I am getting swamped with school and work! Sorry it's so short! I could have posted their entire session! I had a blast! Hope you like them Laysha!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The need for change CONTEST!

This is me procrastinating the hours of editing I need to do AND the homework I should be doing!

Let's do a CONTEST! YAY! Everyone loves contests!!!! OK this is how it goes! I am feeling the itch to either cut my hair or at least change it up a little bit! So I found this way fun virtual makeover at Mary and I have been wasting WAY too much time coming up with different looks. Well now, I have a situation! There are too many looks for me to choose from and I can't decide! So for the month of September I will have a vote by ALL OF YOU, to help me decided which style to choose. You can vote on here or on Facebook by leaving a comment. You have up to 3 votes. You can vote 3 times on the same style or 1 time on 3 different styles! On October 1st (or sooner if I feel like it), I will choose a style, if you voted for the style I choose, your name will be put into a drawing for a FREE session of your choice! YAY, free is amazing! Let me know what you think! Tell all your friends to vote, even if they don't know me!

PS I accidentally put one style on twice 6 and 8 are the same :)