Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Fun, Loud, and Definitely Beautiful Kanani!

I figured this pictures fits the season! 

I got a new chair! Well it's not very new but it is new to me! I absolutely love it! I Thank you Sheri for the find! 


Agus Fishing Zone said...

beautiful girl ! Baheol as indonesian people

Kristen said...

Hey Lizzy,
I love your photography! Are you doing a lot of wedding announcement photos? I've designed a few wedding announcements, maybe we could combine our talents and I'll send you photography business and you can send me any design business my way!

Jennifer said...

Lizzy your pictures are beautiful! If you ever get know who to call haha Love you

Jennifer said...

Lizzy!!! You're pictures are beautiful!!! If you ever get know who to call! Love you