Sunday, April 12, 2009

Improv Easter Saturday

Every year on the Saturday before East Sunday, my grandparents have a family get-together. This year my Uncle Max is not doing very well so my grandparents decided to go be near him. My brother Adam had two of his boys over today so we had an improv East Saturday. We decorated eggs and due to the rain, we had a egg hunt in our kitchen and family room. It was so much fun to just be together and enjoy a great day with family. Later I had to opportunity to go to the BYU Ballroom Dance Concert with my mom, dad, and my sister Alicia. It was so much fun! It made me miss dancing so much! Today was a great day!

After working out!

I know it's blurry, we didn't take another one.

My brother Adam and his boys, Max and Griff.

Grandma Janet and Max

Alicia and I after the BYU Ballroom Dance Concert! It was such a blast!


Maranda & Adam Crop said...

Lizzy Jean- You are so freakin cute! I love the photo of the baby below...when I have a kid your taking pics!:) So let me know what your schedule is like and we'll work out that photo shoot! Can't wait to see you.

S. said...

My two Favorite Girlies...! Luv You. And you both look so Darling. Cute Shirts!