Monday, August 10, 2009

Aubrey is 7!!!

My sister always comes up with the cutest ideas for her kids birthday parties. She lets them pick the theme and they plan it together. She never fails to impress us all! If you ever need ideas she has plenty! This party was for my niece Aubrey. She turned 7 on Aug 6th and wanted a "sea party." It included everything from fishing for presents, water games, darling decorations, to sea shell mac and cheese, sea weed salad, and "octopus" hotdogs! Everyone had a blast!

My extremely creative niece is so dang cute! She decided to make a game where the kids "fished" for a fish. On the fish was something they had to do. There were things like, do a pirate dance, count in spanish, be a shark, etc.

Talk like a whale

Be a flying fish

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Anonymous said...

How much do you love your new camera! Those are awesome pics thank you!!!