Sunday, September 20, 2009

The New Me!

So the most votes were for number 3 (the VERY long hair style) or number 9 (the VERY short hair style) I was ready to just get a trim and be happy with my hair the way it was. But, I love change that I can control or that I am expecting so sure enough I chopped it all off! I had people tell me I'd love it or I'd hate it! The day before my appointment, I decided that I wanted to be brave and daring and do something that was a challenge for me! So sure enough... Here is the final product!

So many things are so different with short hair. I still do things that I did with longer hair out of habit!

-I put a hair-tie on my wrist, wont be needing those anymore!
-I tried to hold my hair out of the way at the drinking fountain, there was nothing to hold!
-I drove with the windows down in my car, and I could see!
-I get to use a pea size amount of shampoo and conditioner instead of a whole handful ;)
-I tried to ring my hair out before getting out of the shower, I had again had nothing to ring out.
-I turned on my straightener out of habit, didn't use it ;)
-Flipped my head back to get my hair out of my face, I nearly threw my neck out! ;)
-Didn't have to sleep with my hair tied up on the top of my head!
- I woke up with MAJOR bed-head!

Oh the joys of having short hair! I am so excited for bows, flowers, headbands, and scarves! I don't regret cutting it for one second! I LOVE it!

3,5,12 were the most popular but,
I had a total of about 13 votes for number 9! I will gather them all up and do the drawing! I will contact you if you win! It's been fun! Thank you all for your input! Love you lots!


Cristi & McKay Morley said...

I love love it and I'm so glad you were brave and did it!

Kanani said...

OK, Lizzy. It is really cute, Honestly. The pictures on facebook did not do your hair ANY justice. You look 5 years older too. haha. Thats a good thing. but it is cute. The bed head thing, ya I know how that is. So annoying! hahah but anyway glad you like it! You should do a mowhak!