Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This little girl soaked up every second of attention and dressing up of this shoot! It was so much fun!

This picture makes me smile :)


bonnie said...

Lizzy!!! I love you! These are absolutely priceless!!! thank you. thank you. thank you!

Lindsey said...

she is adorable! Good job lizzya

ItsHER92 said...

This photos are beautiful, and that little girl is sooo CUTE! :D
She obviously really enjoyed herself and she got the poses DOWN to a TEE

Im thinking modelling might be good for a future career for her.

Nice blog :)

Laura said...

What a darling little girl. I can't believe that she has all that thick hair. Love all the outfits and backdrops.

Ashley Smith said...

I LOVE THOSE PICTURES! Such a good session!