Sunday, February 7, 2010

Count down!

So I debated posting this on my photo blog because it is quite personal and I usually only post photo stuff on here but I figured what the heck! I want to tell the world anyway! My "friend" ;) comes home from his mission in a few months. :) :) :) :) :) Not that I am counting down the days or anything ;), but my girlfriends and I decided to make a paper countdown chain. My wonderful girls decided to write me little notes on each day and would not let me read what they said until the day I rip that chain link off. So I will post our chain-link night now and if I come across a good day I may just snap and picture and share it with all of you! Hope you enjoy our adventures!


Julianne said...

what sweet friends you have! don't you love how its a party for all of you that russell is comin home?
i love it.
have fuuuuun!

Morgan, Utah said...

This makes me smile :)