Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Savvy is 2!!!!...well almost

I have been watching this little girl since she was 6 months old! I can not believe how big she is getting! I love her as much as a babysitter can love a little girl!

I love this one.

I love this one too

and this one...

I pretty much love all of them!


Jilian P said...

ok lizzy...these are absolutely adorable, like seriously magical. She looks like an angel and what you did with the composition and everything just makes them PERFECT! Every single one of my children will be dragged to Aunt Wizzy to have their pictures taken:) i may only have two, but i'll have you take lots;) love love love these pics and you!

Nicole Erin said...

can I adopt her? or is there a line??
LOVE your blog