Thursday, July 8, 2010

Missy & Chad {Married]

I love how happy this couple is! And it's not just the couple, it is everyone in BOTH of their families! I really had so much fun shooting this wedding. Missy and Chad have such a fun relationship. I told them to talk and interact with each other as I shot a few pictures, with out fail, EVERY time they would have each other laughing. I smiled just editing these pictures! Thanks for brightening my day you two! I had a blast working with you and your families!

Favorite of the day!

I told them I would be shooting from their chins down. So I immediately zoomed out and this is what they both did at the same time.

Missy's mother made this for her! It has pictures of her grandmother and I believe a couple great-grandmothers.

Chad's dad made a joke about me taking pictures of his and his wife's rings. I took him seriously!

Thank you so much for hiring me! I had so much fun! I am a happier person because of this wedding! :)


Summer said...

gorgeous lizzy! love the gummy bears :)

Jennifer said...

I was going to say the same thing Summer...I love the gummy bear picture...and the fake out chin down one haha