Saturday, February 23, 2013

Calling all 2013 Seniors!!!

Ok seniors! You're all SOOOO close to being done with high school! Just a few more months! What better thing to get you excited about graduation (as if you needed a reason to be excited about graduating) than taking some pretty rad pictures! 
I have a KILLER promo going on for the next few weeks! You would be cray cray to miss this! ;) 

Until March 15th I am offering Senior Mini Sessions! 
They will be 20 minutes of shooting and include 
20 edited images on a disc so you can print them how ever you'd like! 
All for only $55! 
And we can even get a few of your friends together and shoot the sessions together! 
How fun does all that sound!? I haven't even told you the best part yet! 
Are you ready for this? Ok ok, I will tell you.
 If you get 3 of your friends to schedule senior sessions with me you get your session totally 
Pictures you don't have to pay for, EVEN BETTER! 
Now shoot me and email or phone call and we can book your session!!! or Lizzy at 801-372-0316 

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