Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Halloween Party!!!!

Ok I understand I am posting this a little late. That last few weeks I have been so lazy about posting. But have no fear, I am going to get all caught up this weekend! On to the family party. This along with Christmas, Halloween is one of our funest family parties! Every year I am so excited to have everyone over. I don't even like Halloween, but having this party makes it bearable! ;) This year my mother decided we were going to "eat a body." Everyone loved it! All the grandkids were so stinkin' cute too! I had a blast!

How cute is that!? Pure genius!
Ribs for the "ribs"
Baguettes for the "arms"
Mashed potatoes for the "guts"
Corn for the "legs"
Bear claws for the "feet" and "toes"
Jello molds for the "hands"

Most of the grandkids! We missed Cam and Jackie and their kids! Wish they could have been there!

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